Samsung J6 Review in 2020 : Is It Still Worth To Buy Samsung j6 In 2020?

By | 2020-07-05
Samsung J6 Review in 2020 (
Samsung J6 Review in 2020

Hello guys and welcome to our today’s topic is “Samsung J6 Review” in 2020. The year 2018 was the time when the so-called “Infinity Display” arrived for all smartphone segments. The first cheap Samsung device to receive the screen in this proportion was the Galaxy J6, the successor of the J5 Pro that brings some improvements and also some setbacks. In the next few minutes, we’ll talk about these changes, see if the device is worth it and some common questions regarding this smartphone. Come with us for the review of the Galaxy J6!

Samsung J6 Review (Design Review)

Samsung J6 Review in 2020
Samsung J6 Review in 2020

Starting with the changes in design, the screen has a different aspect ratio and brought some changes in the front, changing the location of the fingerprint reader to the rear. Another novelty is that the screen has increased by almost half an inch, but the device footprint basically has the same measurements. It is that the screen grew in height only, the width remained the same. This reduced the edges and increased the screen to body ratio. Also changed, is the finish; the J5 Pro has a metal body, but the J6 has the whole body in plastic, excluding, of course, the front, which is glass with Gorilla Glass protection. The build quality is good with no large spaces between the side and the back cover – which is not removable. It has two trays for you to put a nano-SIM in one and another nano-SIM and a microSD in the other. Finally, the J6 has a headphone jack and mono sound output on the right side, above the power button.

On the back, in addition to the fingerprint reader, it has a single-lens camera and a LED flash, and no bump. In the box you will find the usual accessories, including the charger, micro USB cable, earphone and SIM ejection tool, besides the digital TV antenna – there is no case here for this model.

Display Review:

The J6 went from 5.2 inches from the predecessor to 5.6. The total area increased by about 6 square centimeters, but the increase is all in the upper and lower parts, as we have already explained. The resolution is HD +, and the Super AMOLED technology offers enough quality for you not to notice this difference in resolution. Colors and contrast are very good with real blacks, and the brightness is great to use outdoors, lowering for comfortable use in dark environments. In addition, the J6 has a blue light filter for more comfort to your eyes, especially at night.

Audio/ Speaker Review:

The audio is due enough – the maximum volume is low and the sound is muffled which affects both the bass and the treble. Overall the audio through the speaker is pretty good and satisfying until you are near buss or train station.

Samsung J6 processor / hardware information:

exynos 7870
exynos 7870

The Galaxy J6 has more modest hardware than its larger brother, the J8. Here we find the eternal Samsung Exynos 7870. It is a platform with an eight-core processor, but by 2018 we can already consider “entry-level” no more mid-range. But let’s talk about fluidity since the specs appeared on the screen. The J6 leaves a little to be desired for heavier tasks. Our application opening test shows that the interface is a bit heavy for the hardware of this device, and with only 2 GB of RAM in the model we tested, the device can not handle all applications on the second lap. Good to remember that it has a version with 3 GB of RAM and more storage as well. The score on AnTuTu was in the range of 60,000 points, which is the expected score for the chipset used. Of course, if you expect great fluidity to play games, you can forget.

The Galaxy J6 will serve at most for lighter games, and even in those, it may show drops in the FPS from time to time.

Samsung J6 Battery Review:

Having a modest chipset and a low resolution brings a great benefit, which is the battery life. We performed our standard real-use simulation done the same way across all devices and J6 endured twenty hours, beating J5 Pro in the same test. And the fact of enduring enough time in use is essential. The standard charger that comes in the box with the J6 takes almost three hours only to fill the 3000 mAh battery from 0 to 100%.

Samsung J6 Camera Review:

The J6 is not focused on-camera experience, the sensor here is unique in the front and back there is nothing much. You can take some simple pictures for social networks but they are not images that jump to the eye. The photos come out with very low saturation, that is, with the colors washed out. The richness of detail is not out of this world, staying within that expected for a simple device and in theory, cheap. And do not expect too much quality for low light shots as well. Selfies are also at most acceptable for the price range. Anyway, it’s not a device that delivers great camera experience. The videos have Full HD resolution on the front and back camera, but the quality is not the best. The audio captured is also pretty bad. The Samsung Experience 9.0 runs over Android 8.0 here on the J6. Overall this Smartphone is definitely not for taking photos or videos.

Software Information:

There is nothing very new about resources, which includes all the news presented last year. That is, it has dual-messenger and secure folder support, for example, among other features we have already talked about on several other Samsung handsets when they were new. This model still has digital TV in the FullSeg standard, to achieve the best transmission quality it is recommended to use the adapter that comes with the unit, but a headphone also works as an antenna.

The most basic model of the Galaxy J6 arrived in India for Rs 10,000-16,000. Just like virtually every smartphone released here this year, the device has a very high launch price. But nowadays, you can find it for about Rs 7000, which is fairer.

  • The quality of the screen,
  • The autonomy,
  • The quality of construction.
  • The audio is poor,
  • The camera leaves something to be desired – even though it is not the focus of the device.

Some Common questions Frequently Asked About Samsung J6:

Is Samsung j6 waterproof?

Samsung Galaxy J6 is the most affordable smartphone from Samsung which comes with an 18:9 aspect ratio. Such specifications surely look promising but there are no official IP68 water resistance ratings for this device. This means that the device can not be considered waterproof although I have done some experiments with the smartphone and it turns out that the device is somewhat waterproof.

Does Samsung j6 have Gorilla Glass?

Samsung Galaxy J6. The Samsung Galaxy J6 displays to maximize the available screen coverage for a more immersive viewing experience through its 5.6-inch (18.5:9) HD+ Super AMOLED display featuring damage- and scratch-resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3.

What is the RAM of j6?

There are two models of Samsung galaxy j6 available in the current market of India and that is 3 GB RAM with 32GB ROM and 4GB RAM with 64GB ROM.

What is the Android version of Samsung j6?

Samsung Gaxlaxy J6 is current running on Android 10 in Some devices device models and Android 9 pie on some devices models.

Does the Samsung j6 have wireless charging?

No, there is no wireless charging in Samsung Galaxy J6.

So is this smartphone still worth to buy in 2020?, the answer is NO. The processor is not even sufficient for day to day uses in 2020 when there are so many other options available in the market at a very low price See if you are willing to buy this smartphone in 2020 then you are just going to waste your money.

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