Earn Money By Playing Games Online: Best Application (2020)

By | 2020-06-05

Do you love playing online games? Have you ever wished to make money just by playing games online? Or you a hardcore gamer who wants to earn money by playing games online but can’t figure out the best application for making a sufficient amount of money on a daily basis.

There are more than hundreds of application companies available on the internet which claims that the user can make more than “1000” rupees online just by using or playing games through the application. But as soon as you start using these applications, you eventually realize that it will take more than a month to generate just a small revenue of only 100 rupees.

I have found many articles present on the internet claiming that their provided application can help you generate a lot of money just by playing games online. Eventually, it turns out most of the applications provided by them are just wasting your valuable time and tricking you to continue using their application.

So, our team has investigated through many play and earn applications available on Play-Store and AppStore to figure out the most effective and genuine application that can help you generate high revenue as soon as possible. The best thing about these applications is these applications can help you earn money playing games online without investment. It takes our team more than 3 weeks to figure out these applications, But here it is,

Top Best Application to Earn Money by Playing Games Online Available on Play-store and Appstore:-

PayTM First Games [Earn Paytm Money by playing Games Online]

Earn Money By Playing Games Online with paytm first games pro

PayTM First Games Pro is an all in one application for people who love playing arcade, fantasy and rummy type games. The application consists of more than “300” games to play. The user can make more than 50 Rs Paytm cash just by its “lucky Draw ” contest. The best thing about this application is its Refer and Earn feature, the user can get more than ₹30 per registration through their given refer code.

MiniJoy lite App 

Earn Money By Playing Games Online with  MiniJoy-lite-App

MiniJoy lite is India’s one of the most popular entertainment application where users can play games and earn sufficient amount of money daily, the application offers many different types of games like:-

Cube Caze




Fruit Memory

You can earn a sufficient amount of money just by completing some common tasks as well as by its refer and earn feature. Follow these Given Steps and Earn ₹39/Refer.

BigCash App  

Earn Money By Playing Games Online with BIg cash app

Big Cash app is one of the most trusted earning platform for gamers who want to earn some profit by playing games. The application offers 15+ games like Cricket, Rummy, Car Race, Football, Fantasy Sports, Ludo, and multiplayer games which will keep the user entertained.

The refer and earn feature of this application offers up to ₹ 15 per person registered through their given code.

4. Hago App

Earn Money By Playing Games Online with  Hago App

HAGO is an app by which you can play many online multiplayer games as well as there are some other features of the HAGO app also like Chatrooms. It is available for both Android and iOS. The Application is developed by its co-founder Nikita Bier for the motive to make friends online while playing games.

The user can make upto ₹25 through it refer and earn feature.

5. RozDhan

Earn Money By Playing Games Online with  RozDhan application

This Application Helps Users and Influencers Make Quick Money! If you earn a living as a blogger or social media influencer, you need to know that RozDhan App is that the newest and the most secure/ trusted way to generate money online. Over 20,000 active users earn from Roz Dhan. 80 people have earned 500,000 rupees per month from Roz Dhan

The best thing about this application is its Write and Earn Feature. The application provides ₹150 to the user for writing articles on the application.

The user can even generate upto ₹15 through its refer and earn feature.

6. Winzo Gold            

Earn Money By Playing Games Online with 	Winzo Gold

Winzo Gold can be considered as the most profitable gaming app with many perks. The App allows users to play games during a big selection of genres. Winzo Gold app can be downloaded on the Android Platform. On opening the app for the very first time, choose your preferred language and enter your mobile number for OTP verification

The most amazing thing about this application is its high revenue-generating Refer and Earn protocol. The user can get up to ₹222 per refer to registration.

So if you are a social mediaholic or a social butterfly then this application is perfect for you.

7. Helo App (Bonus)

Earn Money By Playing Games Online with  hello app

Helo App even being a Chinese application, this app can easily be considered to be the best Indian social app with over 50,000,000+ users and mass of videos and images for free downloading, sharing, chatting, and making friends. The application is available in 14 different Indian languages. It can be considered as a mixture of two most popular applications “TikTok” and “Facebook”.

The only reason why I recommend this application is due to its Extremely high paid to Refer and Earn protocol. The application offers up to ₹350  per registration through its given refer code. All these criteria make this application to be the best application to” Earn Money By Playing Games Online “

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