Best Pen for Writing Exams (List of finest Pen in 2020)

By | 2020-06-20

Hello, guy’s and welcome to our Best Pen for Writing Exams series. We’ve tested thousands of pens in our search for the smoothest inks, comfiest grips, and finest lines.

In this web-post, we’ll show you our picks for our favorite pens of all time. For our first post, we’re presenting the top rollerball pens, Fountain pens, ballpoint pens, and highlighters of all time. But before we start, Make sure you’re following me on Instagram so you don’t miss the next posts!

Top 10 Rollerball Pens

Pressing down hard on your pen can tire your hand out and make writing for long periods of time difficult income rollerball pens to the rescue.
These smooth reliable writers are a good alternative to fountain pens and use ink that flows much easier than the thicker oil-based ink found in ballpoint pens.

we’ll introduce our favorite rollerball pens. Stay until the end to see our top pick. You can buy all of these pens at your nearest stationery shop or online.

Best Colors:

Available in 10 fun colors, the Ohio Fude Ball is great for writing cards or color-coding notes.
Oh to designed this pen to mimic the expressive\nstrokes of a brush pen and gave it a name to match: “fude” means “brush” in Japanese.
It lays down a thicker line with increased\npressure, but can also produce broken lines when used\nwith light pressure or at an angle, similar to a dry brush effect.

Get Ohio Fude Ball here:

Bold Lines:

The Uni-ball Air is extraordinarily smooth thanks to a special tip that is encased in plastic rather than metal. It puts out a thick, wet line and never skips no matter how you hold it. The Air also responds to pressure so you can produce lines of varying thickness. Uni-ball Air’s ink is waterproof, fade-proof, and fraud-resistant,
“so it is ideal for signing important documents.”

Get Uni-ball Air here:


The Pilot Hi-Tecpoint contains vivid, free-flowing ink that is a joy to write with. It’s made from 71% recycled materials but really earns its eco-friendly credentials through a waste-fighting cartridge refill system, similar to a fountain pen. Instead of throwing the entire pen away, simply replace the ink cartridge and keep\non writing.

Get Hi-Tecpoint ballpoint pen:


If you do a lot of writing, try Stabilo’s Black Rollerball pens. Designed for demanding professional use, these pens feature curved rubberized bodies that help your fingers rest comfortably in place without slipping. They write smoothly and lay down vivid lines with light pressure, so you won’t tire your hand by pressing down as you write.

Get Stabilo’s Black Rollerball here:

Fine Tip:

This pen can be considered as the Best Pen for Writing Exams in 2020. The Morning Glory Pro Mach has a precise needle-point tip in 0.38 mm that’s amazingly similar to the Uni-ball Signo Gel Pen in 0.38 mm. It writes smooth, crisp lines without skipping or needing to be primed, perfect for school notes, and other detailed work. It comes in three basic colors.

Get Morning Glory Pro here:


The Lamy Safari is our pick for lefties. Its ink dries in just one second, so lefties don’t have to worry about smeared ink. Plus, it features a triangular grip section to help guide fingers into a tripod position, which can help reduce hand fatigue. The Safari comes in a variety of great colors, including these limited edition pastel hues.

Get Lamy Safari here:


The Pilot Multi Ball feels like a normal pen on paper, but it can write on plastic, metal, glass, and even cloth! It’s popular with lab researchers who switch between notebooks and plastic or glass samples, but it’s also useful to keep around the house. With just one pen, you can go from planning on paper to labeling Tupperware.

Get Pilot Multi Ball here:

Retro Style:

The vintage-inspired Retro 51 Tornado Rollerball Pens feature distinctive knurled end pieces that you twist to extend and retract the pen tip. These striking pens come in several colors and materials, with fun and understated designs. They also provide an outstanding writing experience, with smooth, dark ink that dispenses with just a light touch.

Check out our limited edition JetPens-exclusive California Republic Edition for every pen sold we will donate $5 to the California Fire Foundation.

Get Retro 51 Tornado Rollerball Pens here:

Professional Style:

Arguably the Best Pen for Writing Exams. With its timeless looks and unmistakable quality, the Kaweco Dia2 is the sort of pen you could use to sign a heartfelt letter or a multi-million dollar contract. Its shiny black acrylic body is accented with metal trim and a regal-looking curved clip. Its lightweight and gently shaped grip section help it rest comfortably in the hand. The Dia2 writes as well as it looks, with wet black ink that glides across the page.

Our top choice is the dependable Uni-ball Vision Elite. This affordable rollerball delivers a dark, skip-free line every time it touches paper. It uses fraud-resistant, archival quality pigment ink, making it a good choice for everything from writing notes to signing important documents.

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