Best Earphones under 1000 With Mic in India: Gaming and Music Streaming

By | 2020-07-23

So recently I have visited through the market as I wanted to by a replacement pair of Earphones. But of these branded earphones MRP and my pocket were totally opposite and that when I decided that I will find the best earphones under 1000 with mic for Gaming and Music Streaming, and that is when my research started.

After much research and depression, I found the best five available options under my budget and I’m not gonna rank them according to every person’s requirement, I’ll also tell you to know which of them is the one which will be perfectly suited according to your priorities. So let’s begin with our topic “Best Earphones under 1000 With Mic”.

5. Audio Technica CLR 100

Best Earphones under 1000 With Mic

First top on my list is Audio Technica CLR 100 I will be able to rate it average on it looks Because it’s wire is delicate and may easily get tangled, The Speaker housing is formed of plastic but like good quality plastic but mic option isn’t available but the sound may be a but the sound is a veneer.. which is additionally one amongst the foremost important reasons why people buy earphones it’s balance low’s mid’s and high’s it’s an extremely good option for soft consumer Plus it’s available in precisely 590 rupees that too with one year warranty, fireworks inside you right?

4. JBL C 100

Best Earphones under 1000 With Mic

Next on my list is JBL C 100SI si Its wire quality is additionally delicate but it’s fitting is actually good Plus this comes with a gold plated jack but this can be not L-shaped, although I’d prefer an L-shaped Jack because it’s more durable The sound quality you get is balanced and crisp and you get inline microphone which was missing in audio Technica It’s sound is de facto nice extra deep bass with clarity beat all it is a deal for 799 rupees.

3. MI Earphones

Best Earphones under 1000 With Mic

Next is MI Earphones with built-in mike once you will order this you may realize that its the packaging is incredibly basic But like they are saying don’t judge a book by its cover Its braided wire is incredibly less likely to get tangled or damaged and if you’re clumsy like me and throw your phones literally anywhere then this one is a great option also the sound is HD quality but I feel it focuses aboard over mids and highs The noise cancellation feature works fine and you savvy for 699 rupees but only 6 months warranty.

2. Sennheiser CX213 

Best Earphones under 1000 With Mic

The next Earphone of my list is Sennheiser CX213 you may think that have I said wrong model number but no guys I’m never wrong with my Decisions. Sennheiser CX213 may be a successor of CX180 which is an extremely popular Earphone in budget range earphones category, but the sound of this Earphone is Literally Next level. CX213’s wires are tangle-free but the build is average housing of the speaker is finger countered and a brilliant design which is really comfortable to wear, the bass is great and also the treble is also decent. The noise cancellation of this Earphone are really good making it the best headset for Music Streaming as well as gaming.

It comes with an Inline Mic which may seem a negative point of this earphone but trust me the Sound clarity of the microphone is really impressive. And all these for just for a small revenue of 899 rupees and a pair of years of warranty then this can be the simplest option for you

1. Sony MDR EX150/W

Best Earphones under 1000 With Mic

Now comes my personal favorite and the “Best Earphones under 1000 With Mic in India” under this budget segment, Sony MDR EX150/W like it is a full package for 899 just amazing. The wire is premium quality and tangle-free, It comes with the L-shaped gold-plated jack and inline is additionally available. The housing of the speaker is super comfortable and will last for a very long time, the sound of this headset very good wit a balanced bass and treble frequency rate. The Bass of this headset is really good but it’s relatively high on the treble side.

All-in-all sound is best, durability is sweet, and mark my words you will definitely like this headset.

So these were my favorite under 1000 rupees these are easily available on Amazon or Flipkart I’ve got given links within the description. Do give me your suggestion within the COMMENT section and yes before you go if you have any query regarding this topic “Best Earphones under 1000 With Mic in India” or for any Copyright issue then be free to consult through our team through Email: [email protected] or our contact page

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